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Introducing Silver Monitor: a state-of-the-art system made for healthcare pros to simplify patient intake and boost telemonitoring. It helps manage chronic diseases like Alzheimer’s, heart disease, and blood pressure problems, making it easy for providers to care for many patients effectively. Plus, it’s great for keeping an eye on patient recovery post-surgery or after leaving the hospital. Its easy-to-use interface and advanced monitoring tools enable remote care delivery, leading to better patient results and a smoother healthcare journey.

Pametni sat Silver Monitor

Our smartwatch provides constant health monitoring and safety features. It tracks key stats like blood pressure, heart rate, SP02 levels, and temperature. Plus, it has extras like fall detection, activity tracking, and location monitoring. If needed, users can easily call for help by pressing the activation button. It records vital stats every 15 minutes, giving a detailed view of health. Right now, it’s focused on health and fitness.

Silver Monitor web app

Our web app is a flexible dashboard tool that gives instant insights, now with more features. You can access it anywhere, and it handles data collection, analysis, storage, and security.

It currently tracks heart rate, blood pressure, activity, time, location, blood oxygen levels, falls, and temperature, and soon it’ll include medical diagnoses.

We’re working on making it even better with personalized health models for more accurate predictions. Our aim is to keep improving to offer timely and specific healthcare support.

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