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Remote patient monitoring

Introducing Silver Monitor: an advanced system for healthcare pros to simplify patient intake and improve telemonitoring. It’s perfect for managing chronic conditions, making care easier for many patients. Great for post-op or discharge monitoring, its user-friendly interface and tools enable remote care, leading to better outcomes and a smooth healthcare journey.


Our smartwatch offers continuous health monitoring and safety features, tracking vital stats like blood pressure, heart rate, SP02 levels, and temperature. With added features such as fall detection, activity tracking, and location monitoring, users can easily call for help with the activation button. It records vital stats every 15 minutes, providing a comprehensive health overview.

Web app

Our web app, a flexible dashboard tool, now offers upgraded features for immediate insights. Accessible from anywhere, it handles data collection, analysis, storage, and security effortlessly.

It currently monitors heart rate, blood pressure, activity, time, location, blood oxygen levels, falls, temperature, and includes medical diagnoses.

We’re working on adding AI technology improvements, always aiming to offer timely and customized healthcare assistance.

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